BMW F850 / F750 GS

Accessories available for order


Ever since we caught wind of the new models in design from BMW we have been waiting with baited breath. With pre-production photos of the bikes leaking and then eventually after what feels like ages BMW gave us the first photos of the new models. We couldn't wait for them to be released so we could see them in the flesh and taking it out for a spin. Going around to our local dealer every week asking for updates and release dates we eventually got word that 2 bikes had been delivered. We got onto the bike and immediately rode through. We took some photos got on the bike and then as soon as we got back to the workshop we started drawing our designs. the first bike sold in Cape Town was sent to our workshop straight from the dealership so that we could start working on them.and below are the results. We will let them speak for themselves.

We decided to go the two crashbar route for this bike, making it modular and easier to fit and replace( if need be) With the upper crashbars protecting the fairings and the tank all while following the stunning curves of this new machine. The lower crashbars protect the engine casings in case of a fall and as an added bonus they also protect your feet and legs to some extent. Made from 25x2 mm Steel tubing that is mandrel bent and TIG welded together for the ultimate strength.

So order yours today and make sure your trip wont be stopped in its tracks by a small accident.